My Jewelry Story

I've had an addiction to jewelry, going back to my early years of teaching. I teach PE and love that I get to wear sweats to school, but that too becomes boring and sometimes left me feeling frumpy. After several years of teaching, I decided that the days I taught health I would dress up. I felt better about myself when I did so it was an easy decision. Since I didn't wear much jewelry getting some was a must. It turned out that it was a bit pricey and cost, became an issue. In order to get more than multiple pieces, I was forever doing parties to get free stuff. This trend not only drained my pocket but those of my family and friends. After a while, unfortunately, I couldn't continue the madness.
I hadn't heard about Paparazzi or their $5 jewelry until the Fall of 2019. At first, I was skeptical thinking it had to be too good to be true. Jewelry that inexpensive can't be any good. I say this knowing that it is a common misconception. I attended an online party for a friend since paybacks were in order. The first piece I got turned out to not really be to my liking, not an overly positive comment, but I'll come back to it. Even though I'd been disappointed, I stuck it out and tried again with another consultant. She was my game changer (Thanks Brenda!). I quickly found out how wrong I had been. Not only was I having fun but I found jewelry that was totally me! From Nov. thru March, I got the bling bug and fed my addiction without having to leave home.
When Covid kept us home I decided why not sell it? My thoughts were mostly to give me something to do, support my own habit, and any additional income would only be a bonus. Now I'm more than just supporting my habit, I'm loving the Bling Life. It is my hope to be able to retire within the next 5 years and do this all day every day!
Going back to the jewelry I wasn't particularly fond of, my friend loved it! I realized then and now that not every piece is going to be something I'm going to wear, or that what I wear will be someone else's style of choice. Paparazzi, however, has something for everyone. With new styles released daily, there is so much opportunity to find something, or in many cases "somethings", that make you look and feel FABULOUS! Best of all, it's only $5!
I'd love to help you find your HAPPY!
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